Citizen arc is your friendly West London technical support company. Founded by Alastair Whitehouse it has been helping clients solve their computer problems since 2009. We specialise in Apple Mac and Windows. Alastair’s curiosity about how things work led him to complete a product design degree, focusing on incorporating technology into the newly emerging digital lifestyle. In addition to running Citizen Arc, he also teaches computing at a local college, which gives him an understanding of user’s needs at a variety of levels.

The company was founded to provide better technical support for its clients. We noticed that coming out of the recession, there was a growing amount of individuals and small businesses that did not have the money to pay for big IT firms, and were having to be their own technical support. They were some of our first clients.

Our expertise is in the theory and application of problem solving. We keep our computer knowledge up to date via podcasts and other industry literature, sharing relevant tips where appropriate. Our in-depth experience means we are well equipped to advise clients on programmes, back-up systems and even buying a new computer. We are happy to deal with problems large and small.

Citizen arc respects its clients, talking to them in clear, simple language about their computer problems and our proposed solutions. We aim to give our clients a better understanding of how to operate and maintain their computers.
By increasing user confidence, we help our clients to realise the full potential of their computers.

Our clients want a mixture of things, for example some want to keep up to speed with their children, others want to know how to use their existing knowledge with their current device. The rest want a good teacher and not a dry techy who knows their stuff but cannot put it across.

When we not taking apart computers , Alastair has a love of film and photography. He can often be seen taking pictures of architecture around London.

“I have been using Citizen Arc for 3 years now and their invaluable help with the operating of our new Apple Mac Computers. They helped us get to grips with what was for us, a new and difficult system to operate after many years with Dells and the like. Alastair has a great ability to teach people about such systems, helped by his obvious expertise as well as his good humour and treating the machines as living entities. The latter is important too. Obviously, we still have some way to go with the new machine but the learning process is now fun. This is helped by the knowledge that when things get too difficult we can always contact Citizen Arc.”
J Owen-Davies TW1

Dear Alastair
Just to say thanks for the absolutely brilliant service and work. The computer (which had all those impossible-to-fix faults, as I recall) is now as good as new and, thank heavens, I can put off the next purchase for at least 5 years. Also, you introduced me to Moo and iFixit and those City films … I bet your pupils get hugely inspired! It was very good of you to spend the time talking to my neighbour about her computer. Home-baked bread always available here. I am hugely grateful.
BBC presenter